CheeseDoodles and Other Misunderstandings

Handyman’s Dream


The first time I saw it, there was a small placard in the window that said, “FREE”. The property where it was parked had been vacant for months. So, when a large sign appeared naming Allan Ridgeway as the person who had abandoned the van, it definitely seemed there was someone who was offended by the van, by the trespass, and, perhaps, by Allan himself.

I think where Allan Ridgeway went wrong was in his marketing. If he’d approached it differently, the van might have been snapped up even before the parking spot’s owner would’ve had the time to find his magic marker.

Allan should have offered it at a price. Most folks figure if something’s free, it’s worth just that. And he should have called it a quirky, rustic tiny-house. Allan, what were you thinking? Now you’ve been labeled as the guy who dumps his trash in someone else’s back yard.

This morning, as I drove past, the van was gone. It’s a mystery. Did Allan Ridgeway have an attack of conscience? Did a mafia hit-man cut off the van’s carburetor and lay it, along with all the greasy gore, on Allan’s bed while he was sleeping? Or is someone, somewhere, setting up housekeeping in a rustic and quirky tiny-house?


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